13 mag 2009

ENG - Club Nautico Sevilla prices

As there seem to be some interest in wintering there, I copy here their prices (got the updated tariffs just a few weeks ago)

Their email is

For stays of 91-180 days: (40% discount) 0.46 euro /sq metre/ per day;
For stays >181 days: (50% discount) 0.39 euro/sq metre/day.
These prices include practically everything (electricity, water, security...), I have noticed some of the club activities have a nominal additional fee (like 1 euro for a one hour tennis court), swimming courses or canoeing school for children, etc.

Opening timetable for the swinging bridge (Puente de las Delicias):

Mon, Wed, Fri at 2200h; Sat, Sun and other holidays at 2000h.
One *must* call them at least one hour before showing up, either VHF Ch.12 or 954.247630-640

Opening times for the lock are
Mon, Wed, Fri at 1000, 2100, 2300;
Tue, Thu at 1000 and 2100
Sat, Sun and other holidays 1000, 1900, 2100.
Likewise, they expect a call one hour beforhand, VHF Ch.12 or tel. 954.454196

If you plan in staying there just leave a message, we might well meet..

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