12 set 2012

ENG - A simple boom brake

Here is a video of a boom brake idea I found somewhere about ten years ago, it's never too late!

The basic element is a moutaineering "eight". 
I have fitted a textile shackle on the smaller ring, this allows it to be attached to the boom in a convenient place. The kicker upper fitting may be a good starting point.

The controlling rope is attached on the bulwark at about the mast height, it goes through the bigger ring of the "eight", then to the opposite side of the bulwark where a block allows it to be directed to the cockpit. 


By varying the tension on the rope it is very easy to trim the speed of the boom during a gybe.
A very taut rope can literally block the boom in position, acting like a real preventer. 
Too slack and obviously the whole thing becomes useless.
It takes a few tries, a few cm can make a lot of difference.

The rope on the picture is an old three strand one, after a few tries I'd say that a less "hairy" rope, more flexible and more slippery would be preferable, one could try with an old genoa sheet for example.   

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